Guest Blogger

Wilhelm Joliet

As a teacher and adviser, Wilhelm Joliet develops a long career both in commerce and the conservation of tiles in historic buildings.

He works as an expert, lecturer, and inspector for the tiling trade at various institutions. The Association of the German Tile Industry published his book The History of Tile in 1996.  

In April 2007, the board of the Association of Tiles and Natural Stone of the German Building Industry awarded him the Golden Badge of Honor in recognition of the valuable services to the tile industry in the Federal Republic of Germany. 

In September 2016, he became an honorary member of The Stichting Vrienden Nederlands Tegelmusem in recognition of his services to the history of Dutch tiles.

On trips through Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands, the enthusiastic researcher follows the traces of the old handicraft, with particular focus on Rotterdam tiles of the 18th century. He has also created two German websites where he presents an impressive set of historic ceramic tiles from all around the world.

Die Geschichte der Fliese

Wilhelm Joliet. Die Geschichte der Fliese. Köln: Rudolf Müller, 1996. ISBN 978-3481011468.