The Perfect Christian King

The Monastery of São Vicente de Fora main hall, with a gallery of royal portraits, has one of the most outstanding programs of images from the Portuguese 18th century.

The Triumph of a New Dynasty

The palace and gardens of the Marqueses de Fronteira, an exemplary piece of Portuguese civil architecture of the 17th century, find their model in the programs of the Triumphal Entries, in which the cities celebrate the enthronement of a new monarch or the royal weddings.

The Historical Primacy of the Archdiocese of Braga

In the high choir, there is a monumental representation of Paterno, bishop of Braga, presiding over a council in Toledo. This is the key theme that defines the general objective of the images of the Saint Vitor Church, with a political discourse in defense of the ambitions of the city of the archbishops.

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