El pintor de azulejos erudito

Para postularse al puesto de maestro de la Real Fábrica de Louça do Rato, Francisco de Paula e Oliveira puso en relieve la formación erudita del pintor de azulejos.

A caça no Novo Mundo

Nas quintas e palácios, foi comum a existência de salas decoradas com caçadas, um dos temas mais recorrentes da azulejaria figurativa de seiscentos e setecentos.

Hunting in the New World

In villas and palaces, it was common to have rooms decorated with hunting scenes, one of the most recurrent themes depicted in the 1600s and 1700s.

The Perfect Christian King

The Monastery of São Vicente de Fora main hall, with a gallery of royal portraits, has one of the most outstanding programs of images from the Portuguese 18th century.

Love Triumphs over War

At the Quinta de Oeiras, on the stairs that flank the fountain’s niche, two tile panels depict the victories of love over war: Mars disarmed by Venus and Andromeda freed by Perseus.

The Learned Tile Painter

To run for the position of master of the Real Fábrica de Louça do Rato, Francisco de Paula e Oliveira valued the importance of the tile painter’s erudition.

The Polite Card Games

There is no doubt that the new wealthy bourgeoisie, protected by the Marquis de Pombal, adopted the French etiquette, and that card games, with concerts, dance, and ballroom conversations were an essential part of social gatherings.

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