The Learned Tile Painter

To run for the position of master of the Real Fábrica de Louça do Rato, Francisco de Paula e Oliveira valued the importance of the tile painter’s erudition.

The Polite Card Games

There is no doubt that the new wealthy bourgeoisie, protected by the Marquis de Pombal, adopted the French etiquette, and that card games, with concerts, dance, and ballroom conversations were an essential part of social gatherings.

Midas’ Ears of a Donkey

Poetic contests are one of the main events of courtesan life. In the academies, supported by great aristocrats, the poets get together to recite verses, to praise, and to be awarded.

The Ingenious Tile Painter

It is the careful selection of models, the perfect integration with the decorative ensemble, and the construction of an involving pictorial space that define António de Oliveira Bernardes as the great interpreter of tile painting in the 18th-century.

The Great Lisbon Workshop

The Great Lisbon Workshop was a society of painters and potteries created by the activity of the master tiler Bartolomeu Antunes (1688-1753), whose main objective was to supply all the tile works on the royal villas and palaces.

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